How To Apply

how to apply

Meg Turville-Heitz

Grant Program Director

There are nine narrative questions you will be asked in the application. We recommend that you compose your answers offline in a separate document before beginning the online application. These are the questions:

  • What is your organization’s mission?
  • Please describe what your organization does to engage the public with the humanities.
  • Describe the audience that your organization serves, include any special focus or demographic details.
  • How many people are served annually? (Your best estimate is acceptable.)
  • How many paid staff worked for your organization prior to Wisconsin’s “Safer at Home” order (March 12, 2020)? (List the number of full-time and part-time staff, and volunteers.)
  • How many staff have had their hours reduced?
  • What was your organization’s total budget in 2019?
  • In what specific ways has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your organization financially?
  • What is your most compelling financial need?
In addition to responding to the nine questions above, the application process also requires that you:
  • Download, complete, and upload a simple budget and description of the expenses the grant would cover.
  • Designate two key people who will be responsible for the grant, a “project director” and “fiscal agent.”
  • Upload a signed W-9 form for your organization.
  • Have a DUNS number per federal requirements in order to receive federal funds. A DUNS number can take up to two business days to receive. You may acquire a DUNS number from the DUNS Request Service website.
  • Consult the Guidelines For Grant Recipients.


Step 1. Create a new profile: for your organization. Caution: Do not use your browser’s back key; use the “previous” button if you need to go back. Required information has an asterisk(*). You can not proceed without the required information.

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Step 2. Create your “user profile.” Your email address will be your login ID.

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Step 3. After creating your profile you will see the open opportunities. Click APPLY. Caution: It’s safe practice to compose your answers offline in a separate document. Though the system autosaves, it might not save in a power outage. Note: You can save the application and come back later to finish. You must click submit by the deadline for it to be considered.

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